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Ameen Sayani Presents - "Nandi Duggal's - The Art of Singing"

Music is the food for soul, and is the only language which expresses universal brotherhood. While the joy of listening to music is existing for ever, the great happiness of creating music and singing has an intensity which can light up the life of any human being. Particularly in Indian culture, music is an irreplaceable happiness of life, virtually dominating the human soul, mind, & spirit of every individual and social group in some form or the other.

We, at "Nandi Duggals - The Art of Singing" recognize this huge unexpressed desire in India (and other countries where Indians live) and have dedicated ourselves to train and educate singers to fulfill their burning desire to sing properly film songs, bhajans, geet, ghazals, classical & learn further to evolve from amateur talent into excellent singer & professional.

We believe that unless you have practical knowledge of singing, you cannot achieve perfection. Knowledge and training in music cannot translate themselves in to perfection unless you understand the system of singing properly. Unfortunately we are not taught to overcome the problems while singing. Only Riaz-Riaz-- & Riaz without understanding the functions of different parts of our body. After learning and practicing for years, you have not improved. Your understanding and zeal to improve with our guidance through 2 videos, online with proper diagrams will definitely help in making you a perfect singer in a very short time. Surprised? But it is true..

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The cost of the Course is Rs. 599/- (Five Hundred and Ninety Nine Only). You will be able to view the first video on paying the fees and the subsequent video after 48 hours.

We are honoured that our exceptional work has been appreciated by well known personalities of the Indian Film Industry, We were conducting singing workshops earlier under the name of "ShowBiz Enterprises & Studios".

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