The Design of our body is such that anybody can sing.If you can speak- : you can also sing, When we speak, we use only a fraction of our breath. A small amount of breath is sent to the vocal cords from the lungs to vibrate our vocal cords. Our mouth and tongue shapes these sound waves in to different sounds such as vowels and consonants, which form the words we speak. Normally, speaking is automatic and usually we donít think too much about the words that come out of our mouth.


But when we sing, the energy of the whole system is vastly increased. We take a deeper breath, lengthen the words and notes. We use much more variations with our pitch, and our volume increases. The desire to communicate intensifies. In most cases people think that they can not sing, not realizing that SINGING IS A LEARNT SKILL. All of us took time to learn walking and speaking. Observe any child learning to walk or speak, and notice how many times he falls over only to TRY AGAIN.


You donít remember that your first words were MOM or DAD and gradually you improved your vocabulary. If you see a nursery going child, you will notice that his talking is usually LENGHTHENED, The PITCH varies from high to low and often the volume is loud and much louder than adults. The point to understand here is that our earlier sounds were closer to SINGING than SPEAKING.. When we talk to a baby or pet, WE DO EXACTLY THE SAME. Longer words, and change of pitch . If we wish to learn singing, the first thing we need is to let go our limiting beliefs (That I can not sing or should keep quite). These beliefs are killers and they give birth to inferiority complex and self pity.



If you truly wish to improve your singing, you have to keep your mind open. Singing requires synchronization of our body parts. When we hear a really good singer, they seem to make it so easy- The truth is - Singing is easy. So why is it that most of us struggle with Singing . What are the causes of imperfection and inconsistencies.


The answer --- Different parts of the body which are used in singing are distorted and not synchronized while singing. 1.You get breathless while singing . 2 Can not strike the correct pitch. 3.Go out of Rhythm. 4.Getting sore throat while singing. 5.Struggling to sing. 6.Can not hold notes (Swar) 7.Getting nervous and not improving (even after learning music for years). 8. Donít know use of nasal tones .9.No knowledge of synchronization of body parts we donít keep our mind open and get tensed up, and everything goes out of synchronization.We have to understand the function of each part of our body, and how it works to sing. Lungs, eyes, ears, throat,and brain We teach you the proper system to control your problems. Proper use of breath, Phrasing, Beat & Timing, How chage of speed helps in breathing,Pitch identification, Use of Nasal tones to make songs crisp ,Holding notes, Brain control for emotions and synchronization .Unfortunately we are not taught these requirements at all. We are only told to do RIAZ RIAZ & RIAZ without understanding the above mentioned functions.


Your old singing habits are so much ingrained in your body that when you attempt to change, your body will feel uncomfortable and wrong . By keeping your own mind open, your singing is open to exciting new horizons . Every voice is good and has the potential to improve, to move an audience , and enjoy the godliness of its contents. Singing is the food for our soul. Every human being can learn it . Some people say thatĒ my voice is not goodĒ. No voice is bad .It is the singing which is bad.


Everyone can overcome these difficulties by understanding the functions of our body parts and synchronise them. Mr. Nandi Duggal who has done a lot of research on this subject is enriched by decades of personal quest into the mysteries of what goes into making singing effective. He runs singing workshops for ten days from time to time and all aspects of the above mentioned problems are explained and then put into practical by recording four songs of every singer which becomes a mirror for ears showing unbelievable improvement in your singing in ten days. He is available on +91 98202 86136.





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