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THE ORIGINAL INDIAN IDOL. Nandi Duggal has been promoting singing talent well Before Indian Idol and other clones. - Mumbai Mirror l Mr. Nandi Duggal has been providing invaluable Guidance on the art & science of professional Singing - Naushad Ali l Organised more than a thousand shows all over the world with top playback singers from India - Manna Dey l You are provided the technical guidance for Singing while recording - Kavita Krishnamurti l New talents should grab this chance and become Professional singers - Shashi Gopal (Magnasound)

l Excellent opportunity for everyone to develop into a professional singer - Mitali-Bhupinder Singh l Keeper of the Flame. The small place at Wadala has been the melodious refuge to both prole & prima donna. - Midday l Duggal Studios give struggling vocalists the chance to recrod. It's the only place where a layman can walk in and record.... And the big sign at entrance says, IF I CAN SING, WHY CAN”T YOU. - Afternoon

l The only studio of its kind in India where aspiring Singers can quench their thirst for singing. - Kuldip Singh l Duggal is enriched by decades of personal quest into the mysteries of what goes in to making Singing effective. - Anant Vaidyanathan (Ex HMV) l The basic factors required to sing are Explained to you - Uttam Singh l Duggal’s experiments in musical training are a result of years of research - Sun. Midday.
1. The right place to discover the singer in you.
2. Welcome to your own world of music.
3. Fly away to the sky..... You can do anything if you like .
4. Be a singing Star yourself.